A Cardiovascular Health Crisis

0 Annual Deaths
from cardiovascular disease in the United States, accounting for 1 in 4 total mortalities.
0 Annual 1st Heart Attacks
350,000 people experience their first heart attack every year.
0+ Annual Deaths
More than 325,000 annual deaths occur within 1 hour due to cardiac arrest.

Undiagnosed heart disease is the leading cause of global mortality

due to limitations in existing diagnostic technology.

A Technology Solution

Infrasound offers the first diagnostic technology with the ability to dramatically reduce these statistics.


The technology provides information new to diagnostic medicine, allowing patients to control their own health and longevity.


Evaluation is 100% passive – introducing no harmful radiation or other energy source into the body – providing a lifetime of diagnosis with no damaging health consequences.


Initial estimates predict practitioner savings of 90% or more when compared with current anatomical methods, together with important patient savings.

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