Chairman & President

About Nigel Flynn

Nigel Flynn has enjoyed an international business career with extensive business experience in the United Kingdom and Western Europe as well as the United States over the past thirty years.

Nigel was born and raised in the County of Yorkshire in the North of England, with strong English and Irish family roots. His formal education began with a Degree in Pure Chemistry from Hull University, followed by research in Materials Science and Applied Molecular Biology leading to a PhD from Manchester University. In the course of his research, he was responsible for the first of more than forty international patents to date.

His early career was focused in the field of corporate New Product and New Business Development, where he worked for first Western European and subsequently North American companies. His early product development work included a broad range of products serving Military, Medical, Industrial and Consumer product applications.

Through this work, and the opportunities it afforded him, Nigel accepted assignments of ascending seniority with organizations, first in Britain, and subsequently in the United States, ranging from start-ups to mid-cap sized American companies with a continued emphasis upon growing new businesses and revenue through innovative new product development. Among his achievements, Nigel created the world’s most effective radar absorbent material and other defense products, biodegradable medical products for a mid-sized American medical company, and a wide range of other innovations within diverse fields.

Nigel has also worked with start-ups raising venture capital, and he has also managed rapidly growing businesses in positions that include Director of Corporate Development and Chief Operating Officer. He has most recently enjoyed working as a new product development consultant for US businesses ranging from Start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

He became involved with the platform technology which forms the business base of Infrasonix™ more than seven years ago, and is currently working to commercialize this ground-breaking medical technology with the help of a small but highly experienced leadership team.